About the Author: Michael M. Smith

I was born in Houston, Texas in June of 1962.  I’m the Executive Director of a non-profit Senior Activity Center. 

It’s nice to know where people are from, their age, and occupation.  These help us start conversations, but how many of us know WHY we were born?  Where did we ALL come from?  Is there a common source?  Does it matter if we believe in creation or evolution?  Why are we here?  What happens when you die?

  I’m a Christian guy seeking God’s guidance to find answers and make a difference in this world and in the lives of those I love.  Of all the people to ever “make a difference”, Jesus Christ has moved more to action than anyone else.  What did Jesus Believe?  What motivated HIM?  Can those same beliefs and values motivate me to be a better person and have a greater impact? 

I have been married almost 25 years to a wonderful Christian woman and we have two young adult children:  Daddy’s little girl is about to graduate from college and marry a wonderful young man, and our adventurous son is about to embark on a year of teaching English in Poland.   We live in Sequim, WA, on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.  I see evidence of God’s creative power, love and blessings all around.  I want the people I meet in person and on this blog to see and experience God’s love and power in their lives. 

My prayer is that you will see that Christianity is real where it counts… right here and right now.  Thanks for reading!!   Michael


2 Responses to About the Author: Michael M. Smith

  1. LoLy says:

    Michael–you were always thoughtful and insightful in academy; I know I will enjoy your blog! God bless you as you reach out to others (including myself!) in this new medium you have discovered!

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