The Battle

There’s a battle being fought for my soul,

and so far mere survival’s been my goal.

Who decides the win,

when I’m in my rut again–

and all my decisions take their toll?


Whatever fun things I have done,

I seldom think I’ve won,

’cause there’s a battle goin’ on for my soul.


I know I’ve got free will, 

but I just can’t seem to fill

the empty place that keeps growing in my soul.


No matter how I fight the fight,

even when I know what’s right,

I’m not strong enough to win out o’er my foe!


Oh who will pay my battle’s price, 

who can make the sacrifice, 

to give me any chance to succeed?


When my faith turns to my friend, 

who fights for me to the end,

Jesus Christ is the answer to my need!


For He has fought this fight before,

and I’ll trust him more and more,

oh for grace to always have Him take the lead.


So in the battle for your soul, 

when you’re losing all control,

there is hope my friend, there really is!


Blood’s been shed, but not your own,

and for your sins He does atone!


King Jesus won the battle for our souls!

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