WWJB? He believes in YOU!

Dying is a dying art.  People used to die for noble causes, but today many people die for all kinds of stupid reasons in all kinds of stupid ways.  If you are going to die for something, then really die for something worthwhile.  Jesus did.  He died for you.  And that tells me He must value you very much.  He made you, he sees you fail, and Jesus thinks, “That guy or girl is to die for!”  Even on a day when you feel worthless and people won’t give you the time of day or even a piece of their mind, you are on Jesus’ mind.  He yearns to be with you, and for you to yearn to be with Him.  It’s all very romantic in a way, but not romantic, more like, dramatic.  Because how many other decisions about relationships are really about life and death?  It’s like romantic tragedy to reject the love of One who died the perfect death after living the perfect life.  Why did He allow death to swallow Him up?  He did it so that you can have peace knowing that your death won’t really matter, because His mattered for you…  WWJB?  What would Jesus believe?  He believes in YOU and thinks you are to die for.  That makes me want to live for Him and love others for Him in this old dying world.  If I am to die for, then I have reason to live!!

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