At age 12, Jesus knew who He was…

Imagine a 12-year-old conversing with men with the equivalent of doctoral degrees in theology and amazing them with his understanding of the scriptures!  Isn’t it great to meet a really smart kid?  With energy and life just overflowing?  Jesus must have been like that.  Think of young Jesus.  Taught by his mother Mary at first, but quickly learning to read the scrolls at the temple on his own–a voracious appetite for intellectual stimulation.  And now he was in the big city!  Jerusalem, where the most brilliant rabbis hung out and verbally jousted for amusement.  But today their amusement turned to amazement.  Luke 2:46,47  The hours flew by as this kid who didn’t even shave yet held their interest and caused them to think;  “This kid has something we don’t have– a purpose and a mission.”   When his parents found him, he answered them, “Why were you searching for me?  Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?”  He knew who He was, even at age 12.  WWJB?  Jesus believed he was the Son of God.  I believe it too.

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