The Battle

There’s a battle being fought for my soul,

and so far mere survival’s been my goal.

Who decides the win,

when I’m in my rut again–

and all my decisions take their toll?


Whatever fun things I have done,

I seldom think I’ve won,

’cause there’s a battle goin’ on for my soul.


I know I’ve got free will, 

but I just can’t seem to fill

the empty place that keeps growing in my soul.


No matter how I fight the fight,

even when I know what’s right,

I’m not strong enough to win out o’er my foe!


Oh who will pay my battle’s price, 

who can make the sacrifice, 

to give me any chance to succeed?


When my faith turns to my friend, 

who fights for me to the end,

Jesus Christ is the answer to my need!


For He has fought this fight before,

and I’ll trust him more and more,

oh for grace to always have Him take the lead.


So in the battle for your soul, 

when you’re losing all control,

there is hope my friend, there really is!


Blood’s been shed, but not your own,

and for your sins He does atone!


King Jesus won the battle for our souls!

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Stressed? Just stop…

Stop.  Stop whatever you are doing and pray and it will change your life.  As soon as you finish these few lines, close your eyes and bring your heart’s deepest yearnings to God.  Whatever is bugging you right now.  That list of things, people, and situations causing you stress.  Those little blessings you have been taking for granted.  That person you love that you are worried about.  Take it all to God in the name of Jesus, and talk to him as a friend…  and have a wonderful, powerful, amazing, Spirit-filled day!!

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WWJB? He believes in YOU!

Dying is a dying art.  People used to die for noble causes, but today many people die for all kinds of stupid reasons in all kinds of stupid ways.  If you are going to die for something, then really die for something worthwhile.  Jesus did.  He died for you.  And that tells me He must value you very much.  He made you, he sees you fail, and Jesus thinks, “That guy or girl is to die for!”  Even on a day when you feel worthless and people won’t give you the time of day or even a piece of their mind, you are on Jesus’ mind.  He yearns to be with you, and for you to yearn to be with Him.  It’s all very romantic in a way, but not romantic, more like, dramatic.  Because how many other decisions about relationships are really about life and death?  It’s like romantic tragedy to reject the love of One who died the perfect death after living the perfect life.  Why did He allow death to swallow Him up?  He did it so that you can have peace knowing that your death won’t really matter, because His mattered for you…  WWJB?  What would Jesus believe?  He believes in YOU and thinks you are to die for.  That makes me want to live for Him and love others for Him in this old dying world.  If I am to die for, then I have reason to live!!

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At age 12, Jesus knew who He was…

Imagine a 12-year-old conversing with men with the equivalent of doctoral degrees in theology and amazing them with his understanding of the scriptures!  Isn’t it great to meet a really smart kid?  With energy and life just overflowing?  Jesus must have been like that.  Think of young Jesus.  Taught by his mother Mary at first, but quickly learning to read the scrolls at the temple on his own–a voracious appetite for intellectual stimulation.  And now he was in the big city!  Jerusalem, where the most brilliant rabbis hung out and verbally jousted for amusement.  But today their amusement turned to amazement.  Luke 2:46,47  The hours flew by as this kid who didn’t even shave yet held their interest and caused them to think;  “This kid has something we don’t have– a purpose and a mission.”   When his parents found him, he answered them, “Why were you searching for me?  Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?”  He knew who He was, even at age 12.  WWJB?  Jesus believed he was the Son of God.  I believe it too.

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What would Jesus Believe?

WWJB?  If you could ask Jesus what He believes, what do you think He would say?  Beliefs motivate all of us, and beliefs surely motivated Jesus Christ to do what He did for the World.  Whether you agree with Christianity or not, the power of conviction that would lead a person to give up life itself indicates a powerful set of beliefs.  I want to explore the evidence I see in the Bible and historical accounts of Jesus that gives clues as to the beliefs of Jesus.  Beliefs that changed the world forever.  Beliefs that can change you, me, and everyone we love if we can grasp and communicate them.  Please subscribe to this blog by email so you won’t miss any of this series…  God bless you and keep you as you join me in this search!

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It’s 2010 and time to start a blog!

Hello dear readers…

Oh, I suppose there aren’t many of you out there, as this is the first blog I have ever written.  I’m not even sure I’m typing this in the right place. 

I wish you well, where you are, and whoever you are.

Subscribe, and I will have more profound observations about life and God and stuff like that in the future.

I am a Christian, but please don’t hold that against me.  We try to “convert” people, but really, only the Holy Spirit of God can convert anyone or convict anyone of the need for a life change.  Do you want your life to change?  I guess you can stop reading if everything is perfect, but I’m always wanting life to change, and always looking for ways to grow.

That’s a lie. 

Sometimes I’m lazy and not looking to grow or change, but just want to relax and do nothing and stay the same…

So I will close this first blog of my life at age 47 with a question for you:

What about your life would you change right now if you could?

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